Former attendees are recommending

The TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour was a terrific and worthwhile opportunity to genuinely and personally connect with a very interesting mix of qualified suppliers, peers, and hoteliers in a well-orchestrated yet relaxed day.  Kudos to the TOPHOTELPROJECTS team!

Cynthia Penner

BOX Interior Design

Overall I have to say the event is very well ‘engineered’.

The audience is a very selected bunch of professionals in a small, exclusive group. You cannot come across with the attendees in your everyday life, which is wonderful. This make the networking sessions very efficient.

With this particular size of the group, people have time to reflect of what they have heard and can exchange experiences. It is not the usual speed dating event of changing cards. It is more of an interaction that is provoked, in conjunction with what is being presented. Apart from that the locations are very well selected and it is very concentrated.

Hakan Ozkasikci

Aman Hotels

Meet new people in the region, catching up with people you already know, and learn about topics that are actual in the region, like the panel discussion on sustainability.  All presentations informed me about the industry in Dubai, which is very good.
I would definitely recommend the event.

Amy Wright

Mondiale Publishing

The networking part, being on different tables, has been very good for me. I initially thought I would stay with the same group moving around, but you actually meet everybody, which is really good! Also, the speakers are interesting, learning about the industry, especially the design concepts and the panel was very interesting.

Susannah Eustace

Kuehne and Nagel

I like the concept, it’s forces you to go around, meet and talk to other people. It’s a good crowd, a good mix of people and I really enjoy the event.

James Chappell

Horwath HTL

Thank you very much Kayley, the event was great! We could meet several interesting and key professionals in the hospitality market and we now plan to keep networking with them exchanging ideas and to generate future new business.

Daniel Sato

TeleAdapt Inc

I had an incredible time and really enjoyed the intimate atmosphere and the quality attendees. Thank you for putting on a very successful event.

Malcolm Berg


Exceeded my expectation with the calibre of the group, captured all the key influencers for the market, most at a senior level and having regional or global responsibility.

Betsy Sweat

J A N U S e t C i e

At the beginning I thought, only the buyer-supplier meetings are valuable but now I can absolutely agree with the team of the TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour that all meetings are really of high value as well personally and commercially. 

The exclusive circle of delegates as well as the familiar atmosphere of the group is really a stunning innovation in the event area.

Sabu Picha


The event was a great platform to network with a select group of professionals from different backgrounds of the hospitality industry. It was perhaps one of the few events, where one will be able to effectively meet and speak to all participants through the “Change Table” concept, thus enhancing the quality of the event.

The content of the presentations and panel discussions were relevant to all participants, and gave great insights to the what’s happening in the industry. Prior to the event, the organizing team, especially Kayley, was approachable and quick to respond to any queries. Overall an organized, engaging and fantastic conference! We wish TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour continued success for the rest of the tour, and look forward to attending the Asia event again next year.

Yvonne Yeo

Capella Hotel Group Asia

In comparison to other events, you meet a lot more people during the ‘Change the Tables’ sessions. The quality of the delegates is very high rated! For JOI-Design it is very interesting to follow up all the TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour events. I would certainly recommend to do this event again. The local speakers presented valuable information which you normally can’t find on internet, so I definitely feel educated about the Middle Eastern hotel industry today.

Heinrich Boehm


It’s concentrated, it has very good attendants in terms of the various levels of people in the industry. I could meet hoteliers, suppliers, and other design practises.

Federico Toresi

Aedas Interiors

Coming away with a number of new business cards is the biggest benefit for me. This will lead into new meetings, new business.

Can Faik

Hotel Spec & SPACE

The event has been fantastic! The best benefit is the 1-on-1’s with hoteliers, especially for myself as an interior designer, I don’t always have that contact with them. The people coming here are looking for new clients, so that’s fantastic.

Elizabeth Bull

GA Design

The entire day was a pleasant surprise filled with interesting presentations. Not to mention the great net-working opportunities.
The day – although long – went by very fast, probably because it was orchestrated with typical German precision, honed to perfection with style and class  by the Dutch influence of Kayley van der Velde. Seriously it was a great event and my best wishes for continued success.

Pieter Bakker

Express Florida Realty Inc

Thank you so much on behalf of Miguel, Valeria and HBA! You have been such a great help and partner! We truly value all the work you put into this and it was an excellent event that was really worthwhile.

Shelly Levin


Big thanks to Kayley and the team for this fantastic networking event! It was very last minute for me, but so happy I could join. Thanks to the effective set up (change table sessions) I have been able to make lots of interesting contacts and was able to arrange meetings to fill the rest of the week I was staying in Singapore. The various presentations given are a great source of business insights. All in all, a great concept to get connected in the hotel industry! 

Phuc Hoai Truong Nguyen

MDT Australia

The three benefits of the TOPHOTELPROJECTS World Tour? Networking, networking, networking.

Through the organisation, you meet multiple new people in a very informal but well-organised setting. As Headline Sponsor I have been in London and now in Dubai and I will join Singapore, New York and Berlin as well. I absolutely recommend this event to suppliers, as well to hotelier.

The information given today was very interesting and definitely added value into the knowledge I had on the UAE Market. The local investors, hoteliers and consultants that presented today informed me in a very short and sharp way. 

Gordon Brown


The event is very good organised. The small group of people is a good mix of everything with investors, owners, consultants etc. You meet the right people here, delegates from different angles of the industry. The program is really back-to-back, there is no waste of time. I would definitely recommend this event!

Alessandro Tedesco

FEBC International

Overall great and met some really good people, and renewed contacts with others. I’d come again and I’d recommend to others.

Neil Knowles

Elektra Lighting Design

Attending this event is fantastic, it’s a new format where you sit close to people, where you can exchange ideas.

Nir Gilad

Nous Design

Kayley – thank you again for the kind invitation. The event was great, and so was the venue. We will be in touch.

Rogerio Basso

Teranum Hotels

The event was terrific! I honestly feel very satisfied with all the organization and the setup of the event. It turned out to be very helpful, dynamic and enriching. Congratulate you and your colleagues for the amazing job you all did yesterday.

The event was perfectly organized. The venue of the event couldn’t have been better and the people I met there was very interesting and highly knowledgeable in the field. I can’t help but strongly recommend this event for every hospitality professional!

The event was unexpectedly helpful and very enriching!

Carla Farre